Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trenton's 7th Birthday!

My first born is officially seven! I can't believe that it has been seven years since he was born. Trenton is such an amazing boy. He is so loving and patient (I think he gets that from me!) He is always thinking of others and it always bothers him when someeone is hurt or upset. Trenton is a great example and a great big brother to his younger siblings. Addison is always recking his Legos and tearing his papers, and he never complains. He loves to play with Gavin and never treats him like an annoying little brother. Trenton loves to write sweet notes to us and is considerate of those around him. Trenton is very meticulous and likes his things just so. He is very organized and clean. Trenton loved designing his birthday and planned it down to the detail of his cake. Trenton wanted an animal themed party and so we had animals on the cake, animal crackers, and they made the balloons into animals. I think he had a great time and he loved all the wonderful gifts that he received!

Trenton's animal cake. He wanted cupcakes and a cake!

Trenton received three of the Magic Treehouse books. He has already read all three!

Trenton posing with all his gifts.
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New Family Pictures

I am, once again, behind on my blogging! I am going to try and slowly update because I want to show pics from Trenton's birthday, the cabin, and the first day of school for the boys! My sister, Emily, recently took some family pictures for us. She took so many great pictures, but I guess I will only post a few :) I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!