Saturday, November 14, 2009

We had a busy/enjoyable Halloween. Our evening started about 4:30 when we went to Great Grandma's to have dinner. Trevor and Christina and their kids and J.J. came with us. It is always fun to go there and see all the smiling faces. They love to see the little ones and it seems to make some of their days to see them! We had dinner and then the madness began! We stopped at Aunty Karen's, Aunt Cammie's, and Uncle Kenny and and Jinnie's house. It was so fun to stop and visit everyone, but it made us a little late to James and Chelsea's party that started at 6:00! After all our visiting, we finally made it to their house and the boys still hadn't gone trick-or-treating and so we took them on a quick run around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, most the people had their lights out, but fortunately, it was a beatiful night so we didn't mind staying out. Aunt Cammie and the kiddos

Aunty Karen and the kiddos

Caleb and our tired little fairy

Grandma and Great Grandma with the kiddos

Gavin, the Denver Bronco

Bronco and Pirate

Bronco, Fairy, and Pirate

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Annual Pumpkin Carving

About a week before Halloween, we finally had our pumpkins and decided it was time to carve them. I always enjoy carving because Caleb does it with us! I still, every year, am so amazed that he will sit and carve pumpkins with us. I never had a dad do that growing up so I think it is so neat that my kids have such a wonderful dad who participates in these types of memories! We love you Caleb!
Obviously, Addison wasn't able to carve a pumpkin this year, but she sure kept herself entertained. She had this plastic cup that she had put a ball in and she just loved shaking that cup. It was so cute! The boys literally carved their own this year and really loved it. It was nice to not have to gut theirs and carve theirs, they did both all by themselves. We never had a chance to light the candles inside them, so I don't have a pic of the final results.

Addison and her cup. (Yes, Aunt Cammie, her eyes are red!)

Gavin hard at work!

He was so happy to be able to use a "knife". It was not really a knife and it cut really well so I think it was pretty safe!

Trenton is such a character now. He loved cleaning out the guts of the pumpkin.

My boys hard at work! Yes, we are carving pumpkins in the living room. It was Caleb's idea and I didn't argue. I think next year we'll go back to the kitchen!

Gavin's 1st Field Trip

Gavin had his first field trip and they went to the pumpkin patch. Now that I am a working mom, I was unable to go, so a mom of one of my students who was there with her son, took my camera for me and took a ton of pictures. It was almost like I was there! Uncle James went and chaperoned and Gavin was thrilled! I think he had a great time and he picked out a "perfect" pumpkin!

Gavin and his pumpkin.

Uncle James helping Gavin out.

Gavin's 6th Birthday

On October 24, my little man turned 6! He has been looking forward to his birthday ever since we had Trenton's and so he was prepared with all the details! He wanted his birthday at Aunt Cammie's house, hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner, and grandma's cake for dessert. He specifically asked for a Denver Broncos hat and orange shirt. He did not want a Boise State hat! He definitely was spoiled for his birthday!

Gavin all decked out in his new Bronco gear and working in his new workbook.

Cheryl had this horse costume and Jaydon just went around and around the house in it.

Gavin looking cool in his Bronco jersey from Aunt Cammie and Bronco hat from Grandma.

The new Denver Bronco hat!

Gavin received a monthly subscription of High Five (Highlights) from Aunty.

Cheryl had this rocking horse that made a clicking sound when you squeezed its ear. Addison just kept smiling and loved sitting on the horse.

Gavin and Great Grandma

Never Too Late!

All of us after the walk.

Yes that's right, we are standing with Jared, the Subway guy!

Emily, Christy, and Mom

All of us prior to the walk.

So at the end of September my sisters and sister in-laws participated in the annual Women's Walk. The weather was wonderful this year and we all had a great time! After the walk we went over to Emily's house, had lunch, and did a craft. We then did some shopping and went to the movie The Proposal. It was the perfect girls day and it was so nice to spend some time with all my sisters!