Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Boys' First Pinewood Derby

The boys and dad worked on the cars for a couple of weeks.  The night before the race we went to the church and tested out the boys' cars.  They were not very fast!  We talked with the boys about how it is o.k. to not always win and it is about the experience.  The morning of the race the boys were excited and I was nervous about their reactions when they lost!  After several races it came down to the boys racing against each other for 1st place in overall race.  Trenton won 1st place in overall race and Gavin got 2nd.  Gavin was so exhausted that he just started crying when he lost for 1st.  Little did he know that he received 1st in overall show and Trenton received 2nd.  The Barker boys took home some prizes.

The cars before the race.  Trenton's car is in the front row.  It is blue on top with red on the bottom.  Gavin's car is in the 2nd row, third one over.  It is red on top with yellow on bottom.  Both boys designed everything on their car, Dad just helped implement the designs.

This was at the award ceremony.  Neither of the boys knew that they had each placed 1st in one area and 2nd place in the other.

As always, I was one proud momma of all my boys!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter Carnival 2011

We made it up to the McCall Winter Carnival this year and had a great time.  We stayed at the cabin for the weekend and took a day for seeing all the ice sculptures and a day for sledding.  It was a nice and relaxing weekend and we enjoyed having some time in the snow.

Grandpa and his boys
Addison the trooper.  We did so much walking and she kept up with us all!