Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who Wants to Watch Basketball?

On Friday night, we were sitting eating dinner and trying to decide which movie we wanted to watch. Gavin wanted to watch Austin Powers, Trenton wanted to watch Back to the Future III, Daddy wanted to watch basketball, and I wanted to watch Made of Honor. So we had to vote, of course! So Caleb said, "Who wants to watch Austin Powers?" and Gavin raised his hand. He went around through all of the movies and of course only one person raised their hand for each movie. Until he got to basketball. Immediatley after Caleb asked who wanted to watch basketball he raised his hand and so did Addison! She did not raise her hand for anything else until he got to basketball. We asked her that again and again and she would only raise her hand for basketball. Of course, when I tried to record it and get a pic she wouldn't perform, but I did get one picture of her doing it. It was one of those things you just had to be there for!

Is it Warm Enough for Golfing?

On Saturday, it was supposed to be nice and we were all sick of sitting around the house, so we decided to go and hit some golf balls. The boys (Caleb, Gavin, and Trenton) loaded up their golf clubs and we headed to the course. There were several clouds, but it was warm enough so we thought we were good. We got out, unloaded the clubs, and headed to the putting area. We were there just long enough for me to get these pics and then it started to rain. I guess it really wasn't warm enough to go golfing!
I was trying to take a picture of Addison and I, but my arms just weren't long enough to do it!
Caleb showing off his putting skills.

The boys trying to perfect their putting skills!

Look at that form! I just like watching him!

Addison and her piggies! She is so cute, atleast I think so!

So Cute!

When we were at Wal-Mart the other day, we found these tiny baby sunglasses. We thought we should put them on Addison. It was so cute! She wouldn't keep them on long enough for me to get much of a picture, but it sure was cute! Don't mind the stuff coming out of her mouth. She was eating crackers when we put the glasses on her and she just kept laughing and wouldn't swallow her crackers.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Here are some random pics of the kids. They are definitely random! I will describe each picture below the picture. Enjoy!
Trenton and Gavin decided it would be fun to get dressed up as tool men. They had to go to work and this is what Trenton looked like as he went to work :)

Trenton has discovered that he has "muscles". He has been flexing all the time! He told Gavin tonight at dinner that he needed to eat all of his dinner so that he could have muscles like his. He also said that he is working out at school and that helps his muscles too!

This is what Gavin looked like as he went to work! He had the hat on, but it kept falling off his head each time he tried to pose!

He thinks he is so cool! Do you like the skin he is showing :)

The last couple of days, Addison has refused to take a morning nap, which is when I normally take my shower. So I have been putting her in her little saucer so that I can keep an eye on her while I shower. Each time, she has fallen asleep just like this! I think she really does need a nap!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hockey With My Boys

Last night we went to the Idaho Steelheads game. The boys had received free tickets through the library and then we had free tickets for filling out a survery. Last night was one of the last times we could use them, so James set it up, and we all went to the game.

We met up for dinner at JB's with Ben and Jamie, James and Chelsea, and Andy. We had a not so quiet dinner! Addison has started this yelling that is deep in her throat and very loud. It is cute when she is doing it at home with no one to disrupt, but in public, not so cute!

After dinner, Chelsea and I dropped Addison off at Aunty Karen's house, while the boys rushed to get to the game on-time. We followed shortly behind them. Once we got there, the boys were amazed from the pink jerseys to all the loud noises.

Trenton sat on Caleb's lap most of the game and Caleb explained the game to him.

Andy, James, and Caleb smiling for the camera!

Ben and Jamie, I am sure enjoying the night away from the kids!

Chelsea and Gavin. Gavin sat by Chelsea most of the time, but then the lady in front of him got after him for kicking her chair and so from then on, I had him sit on my lap.

What a handsome boy!

The game wasn't really all that exciting. There were no fights :( and there was no score until the last period. About half way through the game, Gavin thought we should get something to eat, he was starving! We had a bag of popcorn and he and Trenton ate the whole thing!

It was a fun night, hanging out with my boys!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun at the Park

On Friday night, the hubbies were all out, and so us ladies decided to go out and play, with the kids. Grandma, Aunty Karen, Christina, Jaydon, and Kaylani joined us for a ver nice dinner at the local McDonalds. It was a nice relaxing dinner, as well as, inexpensive. When we finished up our dinner we headed down to Ann Morrison. We thought it would be nice to go for a walk along the Greenbelt. The boys both had their bikes and the other three rode along in strollers. Aunty brought her dogs along and they enjoyed the walk with us. The evening was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. We walked to the Anne Frank memorial and then crossed over the bridge and headed back the other way. We had just a few run-ins with the fellow walkers/bike riders and we left with only one child a little skinned up! Gavin had fun walking Sweety, but I think she kind of walked him! Jaydon rode in the stroller for a little while, but then decided that walking with the boys would be more fun. He, with his sippy cup, ran right behind the boys and kept up with them on their bikes! It was a lot of fun and we all had a relaxing evening with the kids.

After the walk, the girls had their first ride in a swing. Kaylani was a little unsure at first, but perked right up once she got used to it. Addison had a great time. She just laughed and laughed!

While we were on our walk, the boys' handlebars had come loose. Trenton got flipped over the front of the handlebars. Handy Ms. Aunty fixed it right up for us!

A few pictures of the girls in the swings!

Gavin walked Sweety for a little while. Another dog came by and Gavin had to hold on for dear life as Sweety practically dragged him along. Talk about cute!

These are a few candid pictures of everyone.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

No new pics!

I just realized that I have not taken any pics of my kiddos for a while. That is my goal for the weekend, to get some pictures of the kids!

Just a few random stories that I thought were pretty cute.

A week or two ago, Trenton came home from school and told me that he had some coupons in his backpack. He kept telling me that and finally I checked his backpack to see why he had coupons. I thought maybe it was a slip that had been sent home from his teacher or something. But, sure enough, there were coupons in there. I asked him where the coupons had come from. He said that in class, they were supposed to cut out pictures of weather and he found all of these coupons. He made a great effort to cut out ones for each of us that he thought we would like. For example, he cut a coupon for candy bars. That one was for me! It was so cute! He probably cut out atleast 20 coupons! Unfortunately, they were all expired, but I didn't have the heart to tell him!

Another coupon story. So, I have really gotten into coupons and I have been clipping and printing coupons for about a month or two now. I have gotten quite the collection and figured it was time to organize them. I bought a little organizer and filed them all into the categories I created. That night, I went to Albertsons, with my newly organized coupons. The kids were a little exhausted and I was a little flustered while shopping because I was not quite sure what I was doing. I was standing in the aisle trying to figure out what Pringles to buy, and before I knew it, I dropped my booklet of coupons. Every single coupon fell out and they scattered all over the floor. I was already flustered and loosing patience, and this did not help. I had to throw all the coupons into the cart and then fumble through them to find the coupons I needed. Why did I bother organizing?! Trenton was so sweet and he offered to reorganize them for me when we got home, and he did!

O.K., last story, I promise! The weather last night was so amazing, that Caleb told the boys after they finished dinner, he would go out and play soccer with them. Trenton quickly finished his dinner, but Gavin was really struggling. He would not sit down and eat, but he really wanted to go out and play. After about a 1/2 hour and a lot of complaining about his stomach hurting and not liking the food, he finished and the boys went out with dad and played. They had been outside for about 5 minutes and Caleb came in saying, "Gavin just threw up everything!" The poor little boy was so sad because he couldn't play soccer anymore, and so he got up and tried to play again, but his tummy was still a little upset. He didn't get sick again the rest of the night and so I think it was a mixture of eating too much and then running around so soon after eating, thank goodness!