Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a "Fly" B-day Party!

For April birthdays Chelsea hosted a "kite" party. I was a little hesitant because it has been a while since I have flown a kite and it really isn't much fun if you don't have wind! Well, there was plenty of wind and our kites flew forever! Chelsea fixed a nice lunch at her house and then we walked over to the park to fly kites. Both the boys had no problems getting theirs to stay in the air. Elidh just had to hold on to the string and walk around. Her kite just followed right behind. Us adults even flew kites and it brought back some great childhood memories. Our grandpa Closner used to take us to the park to fly kites and it was something special we shared with him :) We flew kites for a long time and it was great!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I love how he has his legs crossed and his hand under his chin. We have had a busy week with a lot of late nights and early mornings and it looks like it is all catching up to Gavin!

Shoshone Falls

We had several family members that had gone and seen the Shoshone Falls and all their talk about it really made we really want to see it. I knew it would be busy on the weekends so I talked to Caleb about going on a weekday. He wasn't too excited about it, but he said o.k. Caleb had gone golfing in Mountain Home on Wednesday and so we decided that would work out perfect because he was already an hour in the right direction. So, the kids and I met up with him in Mountain Home and then we went on from there to Twin Falls. We made it to the falls with no miss turns and everyone was in good moods! We drove down the windy road and were instantly impressed. The falls were so amazing! I had packed dinner and so we sat and ate on the grass with the view of the falls in front of us. I wouldn't mind eating with that view on a regular basis! After dinner, we took a closer look at the falls and got some great pics of the family. It was a great family night and here are just a few of the pics we took!

After watching the falls for a while the boys and I decided to take a little hike! I was worried about the boys falling on the way back down (since we were all wearing flip-flops) and instead, it was me!

Someone was watching us struggle to get a picture of different "parts" of the family and so he offered to take a pic of all of us. He did a great job!

Fun At The Park

Last Sunday, a cousin invited us to the park to play. She was unable to make it, but we decided it was such a nice day, that we would keep the plans. Great Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa Barker, Trevor, Christina, Jaydon, Kaylani, and us were all there. The little kids had a blast playing on the play equipment that I didn't even get a picture of them. The big kids played frisbie, badmiton (sp?), and just some fun in the sun! It was the perfect weather and we all had a great time, except Addison. She cried the whole time and finally gave in and fell asleep on Grandma.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, we finally did it! Caleb finally learned how to ride a bike! Just kidding! We finally got the boys a bike and they learned how to ride it. Please do not judge us. I know that they should have learned years ago, but where we live, there are no sidewalks and we just never took the time to teach them. So for Christmas they each got a bike from Santa and as soon as the weather warmed up, we took them out.
There was an evening when the weather was really nice, so we packed up our dinner and headed to the park. Grandma and Grandpa Barker joined us and were able to join in on the experience. Caleb started Trenton out practicing in the parking area at the park because it was pretty open and had a long stretch. Like I said, it didn't take long. Once Trenton got the hang of it we took him down on the path by the creek. He was so proud of himself. We went home with one official bike rider and another who is close and no bruises or scratches!

Trenton truly can ride his bike. He has trouble getting on to his bike on his own, but once he is on, he just goes. It was amazing how quickly he got it. It took him just a few runs and he did it.
Gavin is still practicing. He struggles with watching in front of him and so he takes the steering wheel with him wherever he looks, causing him to wreck. He is able to pedal and stay balanced, but just needs a little more practice. Her are some pics of the great adventure of learning to ride a bike in the Barker family!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fishing With Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa Barker bought the boys fishing poles for Easter in thoughts that this summer they can go fishing at the cabin. Uncle Jerry and cousin Jerrod helped them string their poles and showed them how to release. Grandpa then took them out to practice. The boys loved the poles, and only had a few mishaps with catching each other and tangling their lines. I am looking forward to having them try to fish this summer!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday began with $0.99 Moxie Java drinks and an amazing church service. Christina, Jaydon, Kaylani, Steve, and J.J. joined us for church and then met up with us at 2:00 for Easter lunch. Nathan and Sasha were in town and so they were able to join us. Our afternoon was filled with food, volleyball, golf, egg hunts, and a lot of fun. It was such a gorgeous day that we spent the entire afternoon soaking in the sun on the back deck. The adults played a non-competitive game of volleyball while the kiddos napped, and then once the kids woke, they went on a very difficult egg hunt. It was a nice relaxing day and we all had a great time.

The boys posing for a "nice" picture.

Now for the silly picture!

Trenton hunting for eggs. We had told Trenton and Gavin that they had to leave the easy to find eggs for Jaydon and they were to find the more hidden eggs. Trenton thought he would just empty the eggs that he found and then put them back for Jaydon to find. How sweet!

Gavin searching for his eggs. The eggs had been out for so long, that the chocolate had melted. It was a bit of a mess.

Jaydon and Christina hunting for eggs. Jaydon found an egg that was hidden in one of the trees, before the boys could find it.

Yes, Addison is shirtless! She drooled blue sixlets all over the front of her adorable outfit and so I had to wash it right away. I'll have to post pics of the three all together in their outfits.

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday we went to the Kuna Easter Egg Hunt. It was so cold and I did not dress anyone appropriately. Luckily, it only takes the kids about 5 minutes to clear out all the eggs and so within a 1/2 hour we were in and out with prizes and all. The boys made quite the haul and had a great time.

Trenton and all of his eggs.

Gavin and all of his eggs. Gavin was very smart and he followed the group of kids out into the mass of eggs, but then came back before everyone else and cleaned up all the candy that dropped out of the eggs and the eggs that were left behind.

Addison didn't enjoy herself so much. It was a little too cold for her!