Monday, July 26, 2010

We are Still Alive!

It has officially been 3 months since my last post, and my last post was actually done by my twin sister who actually has an up-to-date blog, unlike mine! I thought by having her do a post for me it would encourage me to start posting again, but obviously that is not what happened. So now, 3 months later, I am making an attempt to begin blogging again!

Here goes nothing!

Two weeks ago we made a trip to Washington to visit Steve's family. It was a 5-day trip that started out quite rocky! Prior to leaving, our car decided to not start. This, of course, was the car we planned on taking with us. Caleb spent most the day trying to get it fixed and in the mean time we get a call from the doctor. We had taken Gavin in the day before because he had hurt his arm falling off the bunk bed. They told us to put it in a sling and it should heal in about 4 weeks. They decided to review the x-ray the next day and found that they had misread the x-ray and he was going to actually need a cast. Yeah! Not only do we not have a car running, but now we have to find someone that happens to have an opening to put a cast on Gavin so that we can leave that evening as planned. Well, the starts aligned and we were able to get a cast on Gavin and my amazing husband fixed the car!

So then we were off!

We drove to Spokane first to visit Grandpa Jack and Grandma Thelma. They came and hung out at the pool with us for the afternoon and then we had dinner with them that evening. The next day we headed to Chehallis.

Gavin with his bright green cast

Grandma and Addison

Trenton and Gavin swimming

Three Generations
Caleb, Steve, and Grandpa Jack

When we arrived at Chehallis the family there had dinner and water activities ready for us while the men went golfing. The next day we headed out to Seattle to go to a Mariner's game.

Gavin, Trenton, and Grandpa in Seattle

Gavin admiring the seagulls outside of Ivan's

Daddy enjoying some fish and chips

Trenton and Mommy at Ivan's

Trenton, Gavin, and Jaydon outside of Ivan's

After walking around Seattle for a bit, we headed to the game.

The next day we took some family pictures with everyone there and then headed to the lake for the afternoon.

This is Gavin talking to a police officer that was patrolling the park area. He was telling him all about his cast and asking him about his gun!

We headed home the next day and it was a long ride back! We stopped at some falls on the way home and had a very nice brunch buffet and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.