Tuesday, November 16, 2010


 This year, we had a very busy Halloween weekend.  Friday night we went to the annual Bolander doughnut and chili feed.   The chili was great and the doughnuts were amazing!  Saturday night, James and Chelsea had their annual Halloween party.  Chelsea had some really cute decorations and some great food.  On Sunday, we went and visited all the family and then went to a harvest party at the church.  This year we had:

 A girly pirate

 A very handsome Luigi

 Three Adorable Children

And Darth Vader himself!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gavin's 7th Birthday

On October 24th, Gavin turned 7.  It is amazing what this guy has grown up to be.  He is so caring, giving, loving, funny, athletic, and a great brother.  For his birthday dinner, he wanted meatloaf, but it was too hard to make that much meatloaf for the whole family so we decided to do Shrimp Camp Gumbo, a recipe from Caleb's cousing.

 The spread!

After dinner, we did the cake and icecream.  Aunty Karen had made the cake for Gavin.  It was a giant doughnut!

Gavin received so many great things.  He got his first Bronco t-shirt, a "football set", light saber, High Five magazine, nerf gun, and some cash.  Happy Birthday Gavin!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Look

The other day, Caleb and I, were discussing painting the trim in our front room.  When we first painted it we did an off-white color, and since then, it has dulled even more and is very scratched up.  For some reason, along with this conversation came the discussion of changing the color of the front room.  We decided we would like to do a focus wall and add some texturing or something to the main color.  While shopping at Home Depot, we decided that it wasn't going to be enough to just paint one wall, so we decided to paint a half wall and then add some molding.
The one thing with Caleb and I is that a lot of things we haven't ever done before, but decide that it should be easy enough to do without directions or experience.   This was one of those projects!  It all turned out really good, but we were definitely learning as we were going.  So here is what we did:

First,  decide how high up you want to have the color go up.  We decided on 3ft. high.  We measured and then began painting.  The line does not have to be perfect because the trim will cover up a portion of it.

Next, we purchased the trim we wanted and then laid it out and painted it.  We have found in the past that it is easier to give the trim a coat of paint before putting it up and then do the second coat when it is secured in place.
Now it is time to find studs to secure the trim into.  I had already found my stud, but Caleb needed a stud finder to find his.  We borrowed a brad nailer from a friend and used it to secure the trim into the walls.   Once everything is nailed up, we put wood fill in the nail holes, sanded, and then did the final coat. 
 This is my stud, Caleb is holding his stud finder!

 And this is the finished product.  We thought it transformed the room, but we had several family members over the next day and several did not even notice until they asked why we had brown paint sitting on the counter!