Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Projects

For anyone who doesn't know us, we are CRAZY! We recently purchased another home that needed some "fixing up". I don't know if we are ever going to learn! We bought Caleb's grandma's house in hopes of making it into another rental. It just had a few things here and there that we needed to update, but as you start to update, you find more and more things to update and more and more problems. Anyways, we have spent the last month or two working on it and are finally coming to an end. We have painted inside and out, replaced carpet and other flooring, updated light fixtures, cleaned and cleaned, and tidied up the landscaping. The boys were great helps and have been very patient with the whole process. I, on the other hand, have not been very nice about it and will be apologizing to Caleb when we are retired and living comfortably!

There were a couple of really warm days and the boys made the most of the running sprinklers. Yes, they are running through the sprinklers in clothes. I am not always the most prepared mother~

The boys got quite involved in the painting. The wanted to help almost too much, but they had a great time doing it!

Gavin ended up with more paint on him than he did on any of the surfaces he painted!

My Little Picassa!

In Trenton's kindergarten class they had been studying several different artists and then "creating" their own art work in the similar style as these artists. They then had an art gallery that all of the parents were invited to. Prior to the art gallery, Trenton kept me informed about each different artist they had studied. When I got to the gallery, Trenton made sure that I read each of the bios that were written about each artist. He loved doing all the different types of art and did a great job on each picture. I think this may be the one thing he got from me!

Starry Night was his favorite.

The Bug Scouts

My very creative sister Tammy was in-town last week and while she was here she wanted to have a "bug party" with all of the cousins. She planned everything and put it all together. Unfortunately not all the cousins were able to make it and it ended up just being Tammy's boys, my boys, and Uncle Andy.
To start the party off. The boys were each given a bug catcher and bug scout hats. Grandpa Joe took them all out in search of bugs. Everyone was succesful and brought in their bugs!
After the bug hunt, we had our buggy lunch. I didn't get pics of it all, but I got some of it. They had bug juice, ladybug strawberries, ants on a log, and bug crackers. We also had hot dogs that looked like worms.
When they all finished their food they had to decorate their own bugs. Grandma Briner gave out the awards for each of the bugs.
The boys loved the party and have been collecting bugs ever since!

All the boys with their bugs and awards.
Chance, Gavin, Andy, Trenton and Hunter

The boys getting ready to go on their bug hunt!

All the cousins are ready to go!

Addison and the Wheelbarrrow

A couple of weeks ago Andy was working on his eagle project and we went and helped. He was cleaning up the cemetery in Melba. Part of the job was picking up the scraps of grass that were being dug up. I was lucky enough to have this job, but couldn't leave Addison alone and so I stuck her in the wheelbarrow. She absolutely loved it!

Trenton and Addison together

Addison and her adorable piggies peeking over the side.

She would sit with her just like this the whole time. It was so cute!

Bowling and a Little Family Fun

Through the many coupon blogs I follow, there was a posting for free bowling for kids over the summer. Of course I was all over the "free" part of it! Along with the kids bowling for free for the summer, you could purchase a family pass for the summer. The pass was about the price we would pay just to go bowling once as a family and so we went ahead and bought the pass. On the pass you can have up to four adults and then the two kids. It was a great deal, except we have to go clear to 20th Century Lanes to bowl which is clear down on State. Well, last weekend, we needed something to do, so we went bowling. James and Chelsea joined the family and we had a great time!

The boys finished their games before us, so they had to sit there and watch :(

This isn't a very good picture, but I was trying to show that Gavin got three strikes! Also, both the boys beat my score!

This was Caleb's wonderful photography.
(Aunt Cammie, don't look at the red eyes!)

Again, Caleb's wonderful photography!

The boys and their cosmic bowling balls!

Addison kepty crawling over to where the bowling balls were and would sit and pat each ball. Chelsea tried to put her over the hand fan, but she didn't like that so well!

Blogging Overload

I have not been very good about downloading my pictures and I just realized that I have about 100 pictures that needed downloaded and blogged. So be prepared for an overload!