Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 10--Venice and then Home

We traveled all the night before from Dubrovnik back to Venice.  We were scheduled to be picked up from the boat that morning and then headed to the Venice airport.  Once we arrived at the airport, we still had several hours before our plane even boarded and so we had to just wait at the ticket gates and wait for them to open so we could get through security and to a comfortable place to sit!  The luggage regulations were different for some people going back home and so several of the people that were in our group were stuffing their things from one suitcase to another to try and get them all to comply with the weight limit.  Several people had to pay an absorbent amount of money to either check their bags on or to pay the overweight fees.  I was really stressed because I knew Caleb would refuse to pay any fees and I thought for sure our luggage was going to be overweight.  Luckily, we were just under and were able to make it through with no problems.

From Venice we had a few stops and a few layovers.  We had a stop in Chicago which is where we went through customs.  Lets just say, the people of Chicago were rude, unhelpful (if that is a word), and had no sense of customer service.  We herded around like a bunch of cattle and they were not understanding at all of the fact that some of us had flights to catch and other security we were going to have to go through.  In the end, we made all of our flights and were relieved when we finally made home!

It was a wonderful trip and it was so neat to see so many places in one trip.  Below are just some pictures of and from the ship.

The upper deck of the ship.  The pools were salt water and were really cold.

The water in the pools was ocean water and they would drain it every night at 7 pm.

This was our first night on the ship.  Venice is in the background and we were at a cocktail party on the upper deck with the other Auto Owner guests.

This was a picture from our first gala night.  We took turns taking pictures with another couple and they thought this was the perfect background.

This looks like our prom picture all over again!

This was taken from the deck of our room.

This was from another gala night.  Again, taken from the deck of our room.

What a stud!  He is going to hate me for posting this. 

This was taken at one of the shows that they had done on the ship.

This was in one of the many lounges that they had on the ship.  We were waiting to watch one of the lounge shows they had put on.

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