Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 9--Dubrovnik

This was our last port before heading back to Venice.  The day was open to do whatever you wanted and we were given quite a bit of time.  Dubrovnik is also known for their beaches and so we were hoping to go to some, but knew we may not have the time.  All of the places that were known for their beaches, we were never ported on the right side of the island. 

Dubrovnik is a fortress.  The city was built within the walls and the walls protected the city from any enemies that might come from the water.  You had to hike up these stairs to get to the top of the wall and then you were able to walk clear around the wall and tour the entire city from the view of the wall.  We rented a self-guided tour phone that gave you information as you walked along the wall.  Someone had told us it was the best thing to do.  It wasn’t really!  We received a lot of information, but it wasn’t all that interesting after a while.  It was a really long walk and we made it even longer by stopping and taking all the pictures along the way. 

Again, the beaches weren’t very close and we didn’t really have time to walk the wall and go to the beaches.  We decided to just do the wall and ended up having quite a bit of time when we were done.  We walked around Dubrovnik and fed ourselves and looked at shops.  We had some pizza and fries that looked delicious.  The pizza was actually really good, but the fries weren’t as good as they had looked.  We also had some Gelato and fresh squeezed lemon juice that was really good.  Dubrovnik is not part of Greece, it is actually in Croatia.  They used Kunas instead of Euros.  It was like 75 Kunas to 1Euro.  Try figuring that out every time you wanted to buy something and then try to convert it to our dollar! 

After  Dubrovnik we spent the afternoon sunbathing and visiting with several of the couples we had met on the trip.  That night we had a cocktail hour with the Auto Owners group and then had dinner following that.  It was nice to visit everyone and to have some more time with all the people we had met.  We ended the night with going to their final show on the ship and then headed back to our rooms to get everything packed and ready to go for the next morning.

This was a hole that Caleb found.  It started at the top of the wall and just went straight down.  We sat there for a while trying to decide what it was for!

This food was delicous!

If you look in the background you'll see these lights and the glass around them was different for every shop.  Each light and the businesses name and an image of some sort to represent that business.  We had stopped here and had icecream and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

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