Friday, September 16, 2011

Night of Day 6--Mykonos

Day 6—The Night Life—Mykonos

On the evening of Day 6 we ported at Mykonos at 6 pm.  Mykonos is known for their night life and so they had us set up to be there from 6-midnight.  Caleb and I figured we would plan to have dinner and then just head back to the ship.  Once we got off the boat, our thoughts instantly changed!  We docked just walking distance from the heart of the town.  As we walked to find dinner we passed 2 beautiful little girls that were about 8 years old that were out begging for money from the tourists that were getting off the ship.  It was so sad to see them doing this.  It took us a while to decide on a restaurant to eat at.  We wanted to eat at a place with a view, but we are also super cheap and we just couldn’t find a place.  Because it took us so long, we decided to just sit along the beach and watch the sunset and then eat later.  It was the best decision that we made.  The sunset was beautiful and we were able to get some great pictures. 

After the sunset, we were on a mission to find food and a shop that we were told sold olive wood for a great price.  As we wandered we were able to really take in the views of Mykonos.  The buildings were beautiful and were so unique.  Again, you could just take a picture anywhere and it would be great.  The people there were so friendly and it didn’t feel like a tourist trap.  As we were walking along we found a place that had gyros, which sounded delicious.  We each order a gyro and several other things.  It was the best food we had had the entire trip.  We just sat outside and people watched while we enjoyed our food.  Several people were handing out cards for free drinks at several of the clubs/bars.  Of course, we didn’t attend any of these, but it was amazing how many cards we were given.

Once we finished eating and people watching we decided to find the shop that was selling olive wood.  We were able to wander throughout all of the shops and see the uniqueness of this place.  The olive wood shop was neat.  The lady that worked there was so passionate about the wood and she had so many stories to tell.  We walked away with a lot of olive oil soap and some olive wood pieces for souvenirs. 

By this time it was midnight and we needed to head back to the ship.  In the end, we wished they would have given us a while day on Mykonos instead of splitting it between Santorini and Mykonos.  This day was probably my favorite out of all the stops we had been to thus far.

We took this just a little ways from where our boat had ported.

There were little walkways like this all through Mykonos.  Everything was white.

This was our view of the sunset.  It was so picture perfect with the boat there.

This is where we had dinner.  They shaved the meat right off and cut everything right there in front of you.

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